Globetrotting for Good Hair!


This past October, I was grateful to experience the Mounir The Transformation Masterclass in Milan, Italy. What a wonderful class it was and I'm so excited to bring the knowledge I gained to my clients! Check out the photos and videos below. 

Mounir is known throughout the world for his transforming color and cuts. To have the opportunity to take his class was a dream come true, and to travel to Italy was just icing
on the cake!


If you want to be even more mesmerized by Mounir’s haircut and color transformations, you’ll definitely want to follow him on Instagram to see more of his artistic work. In addition to his Beirut salon (which has 2.6 million fans and a 4.9-star rating on Facebook, BTW), Mounir has two salon locations in Kurdistan in Iraq.


Always Growing...

I am always doing my best to grow and learn. I want to stay up on the newest techniques and products available to me to help make your hair fabulous!!

Earlier this month, I traveled to Miami to visit the Wynswood Art District, which in itself is such an inspiring place in it's own right. But what brought me there was the Oribe school, for a Inner Layer Intensive with Ronnie Stam. 

before and after

before and after

before and after

before and after

The Inner-Layer Technique can be applied to any haircut. It is a controlled way to remove weight and strengthen the interior simultaneously. Creating movement with seamless layers. 

I must say, taking this class has me more inspired than I've been in years. I'm falling in love all over again with what I do! Check out the images I took on my experience!

image1 2.JPG