Natural Beaded Row (NBR) 


Handtied Hair Extensions are a customized experience created for each of my clients based upon their specific head of hair. Using the NBR technique,  I place on average only 1.5 – 2 rows of hair in my clients hair during a normal seating. I sew multiple pieces of hair together and attach the row to the head using a bead and string. There is no glue or tape involved, so the removal process is quick and simple!

NBRH is one of the BEST METHODS for Hair Extensions available with the least amount of damage to a clients hair. Hair is transformed, resulting in a fuller, more naturally looking head of hair! With OVER four years of experience, we only use the highest quality extensions and will help guide you throughout the full extension process.

Sew in takes approximately 3 hours. Suggested Maintenance for your extensions is to tighten every 6-7 weeks and replace hair every 4-6 months.


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Thank you for showing interest in NBRH or KH extensions! Here's what you can expect moving forward. First time clients: You can expect 1st time application $1000-$1500 full set of hair, custom color, blended cut, style. *color correction is extra *22” Extensions are extra 1st time application NO COLOR $800- $1200 full set of hair, blended cut, style INSTALLATION ONLY *22” Extensions are extra For returning NBRH clients, you can expect the following: Follow Up Appointments Main Row; $155 Large Mini; $100 mini $85 This price not include color & refresher add $20 & up(as needed) INSTALLATION ONLY *22” Extensions are extra Suggested maintenance: Tighten 6-7 weeks Replace hair every 4-6 months If needed refresh 3-4 pieces every 12 weeks Are you ready to move forward with a phone consultation in order to secure your spot for the most natural looking hair extensions?