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Thank you for showing interest in NBRH or KH extensions! Here's what you can expect moving forward. First time clients: You can expect 1st time application $1000-$1500 full set of hair, custom color, blended cut, style. *color correction is extra *22” Extensions are extra 1st time application NO COLOR $800- $1200 full set of hair, blended cut, style INSTALLATION ONLY *22” Extensions are extra For returning NBRH clients, you can expect the following: Follow Up Appointments Main Row; $155 Large Mini; $100 mini $85 This price not include color & refresher add $20 & up(as needed) INSTALLATION ONLY *22” Extensions are extra Suggested maintenance: Tighten 6-7 weeks Replace hair every 4-6 months If needed refresh 3-4 pieces every 12 weeks Are you ready to move forward with a phone consultation in order to secure your spot for the most natural looking hair extensions?